I am a small town girl from a village called Sainte-Claire, in Quebec. I have always been very close to my brother, we grew up playing dress up and putting on dance shows for our parents. I was a figure skater until the age of 16. Drawing my own competition dresses was my favorite part.

At 25 years old, I moved to Montreal, the “big city” and found a new passion, flying. I started working for an Airline, as a flight attendant. This blooming career allowed me, through the years, to explore and open my horizon to different cultures, food, lifestyles, designs and fashion.

I have always enjoyed seeking out beauty and joy in simple things. I created “La Coco Vintage” to explore my creativity and help others to feel unique and free, through fashion. What you wear should always make you feel confident and beautiful.

I find inspiration from the world around me, through music, art, dance, people I meet in my journey and my travels. Each piece is thoughtfully curated with instinct and love. My adoration for Vintage is a lifestyle…

In hope to amaze you with my finds!

La Coco x